Genesis 1 Restaurant


What made you go into the restaurant business? And how long has the restaurant been open?

It was always my passion when I started out as a pot washer at Oriental Restaurant in Tropical Plaza after two years I move on to the Flamingo Hotel as an a Apprentice Chef, I went to The Courtyard Manor Hotel and then moved to the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston After all my experience in Jamaica WI. I then migrated to USA, landed myself a job in UN Nations hotel as SUE chef while at the United Nations, I started to do my own Catering side jobs out of the Q-Club in Jamaica Queens NY after seeing how successful I had become my dream was to be my own boss. After buying my first home in Brooklyn NY, I saved up my money and open my own restaurant Genesis 1 restaurant at 162-23 hillside avenue Jamaica NY. Soon after that Q-club closed and I then put all my interest into Genesis since 1997.

Has it always been your dream?

My dream was to care for my family I realized cooking was my passion and this was the way to do so.

Tell us a little bit about the challenges of getting it off the ground?

Firstly there always challenges for a black man and even worst coming from Jamaica. But I continued to pursue my goal which is to have a successful business so I rose Above the adversity that was put against me and chased my dream and it paid off in the long run.

Tell us about the restaurant? Why is it so successful?

My restaurant services the surrounding hospital, schools, barbers, beauty salons and nursing homes. We deliver to our customer up until 9 pm at night. We have loyal customers that order their lunches, dinners and even have we catered their special functions such as weddings sweet 16 and holiday parties etc.

What the clientele like?

I’m in a diverse community, one thing I can say about my restaurant is that it’s a very warm and welcoming place and that is why I think whenever someone enters they decide to come back another time.

Any plans for opening another location?

No not at this time because running this¬†one restaurant is a lot of stress and hard work but don’t get me wrong I would¬†never trade it for the world, but I have to make sure this restaurant is held to¬†the¬†standard I need it to be at and that would not be able to be done if I had¬†to my stretch myself thin between various locations.

How has the knowledge of Jamaica helped you to succeed in the restaurant business?

It helped me to acquire the Jamaican taste while using the correct seasoning to make sure that the taste is consistence. it also taught me a lot of street smarts which Is why I have never been one easy to screw over, living in Jamaica gave me the drive to be great because it really taught me the struggles life can bring and made me realize I have to rise against them..

A little about yourself where you were born grew up and educated?

Born in¬†Clarendon went to St Ann’s high school in Kingston JA WI.

A number of Jamaican and Caribbean stars that dined at your restaurant and what they said about the service received?

Bennie man favorite dish is the curry chicken. Richie feelings from stone love is favorite dish Escovitish chicken, Shabba Ranks favorite dish Escovtish Fish, Shaggy Escovitish Chicken, Bounty Killer,  Buju Banton, Capleton, Freddie McGregor, Usain Bow, Stone Love Crew to name a few. Biz Markie, LL cool J and many more.

Are you involved with any charitable events or organization if so?

I always work and discount schools and church’s such as York College, St. John‚Äôs, john jay etc. I always find the need to give back because honestly life is a hard road to travel but I’ve learned you can’t turn your back when it starts becoming easier. Ice carving is one of my specialties and I won an ice carving contest in the village the James Beard contest.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Retired and just¬†taking¬†it easy, family¬†is the most important thing to me so in my last period of life I feel as though¬†that’s what I would like to focus on and I wish to live on through my kids their¬†kids and so on.

Any plans to go back home in the future?

Of course I would love to go back to my roots that are my plans in the near future.

You both promote events tell us about the events you have done in the past?

Basically¬†I promote one of the biggest Jamaican New Year’s Eve ball for the past¬†10 years¬†which is¬†another¬†one of my passions¬†partying, celebrating, and being thankful for another successful year.